Emergency Locksmith Services for Every Lockout

Locksmith emergencies are no doubt a hassle. When you are locked out of your house, dealing with a damaged lock, or just suffered a loss due to an intrusion, you need immediate help. Our Locksmith in Sunrise, FL are ready and willing to go far beyond just sunrise as we aim to focus on areas across Florida.

Ran out of the ignition battery? Have you locked yourself out of your house? Has your office access control system got hacked? These are some of the many emergencies we are accustomed to dealing with almost daily. No matter how serious the situation is, we understand that staying calm is the key to get things done. Just don’t panic, and give us a call! 

What Is Included In Our Emergency Services

Locksmith issues are the perfect example of Murphy’s Law. What’s more, most situations occur late at night or early morning when it is the hardest to find any sort of help. Most locksmith companies do not offer 24-hour services and require you to wait while you can’t.  Forget about feeling like a nomad when you are locked out of your home, business, car, and trust our locksmiths. We offer a range of locksmith services, including the following:

How Locksmith Service Pro Is Different

At Locksmith Service Pro, we have set a standard of quality, efficiency, and commitment. We know that when you are, such emergencies when you need a locksmith right away can happen without telling you. Instead of making you wait for hours, we make our customers a priority. Aside from the exceptional skills of our locksmiths, we are the first choice of the residents of Sunrise for the below-detailed reasons:

Available Round The Clock

We understand that you cannot make your clients wait when the office lock is jammed. Also, you cannot leave your car in the middle of the road when the keys are locked inside. Whether you need a car locksmith at midnight or a commercial locksmith in the early hours, we are available 24 hours to serve you. We work 365 days to make sure no one stays locked out.

Fast Response

We are the fastest locksmith company that you can call! We respond to your requests immediately. When you call us, we will connect to our mobile locksmiths to check the availability in your area, and the nearest team will reach your location within minutes of the call. 

Quality Services 

Quality is a promise we never break. Whether you want us to install a new door lock, make a duplicate key, or set up an access control system for enhanced security, we use the best quality products to ensure longevity and durability. Your satisfaction is valuable for us, which is why we make sure to assist you in all ways possible. We provide worry-free satisfaction guarantee because we trust our work and skill of our team 

Competitive Rates

We guarantee that you’ll find our rates reasonable. Our services are 100% secured, detailed, and easy on your pockets. Although emergency locksmiths usually cost you higher, we keep our rates as nominal as you can expect.

locksmith service in emergency

Frequently Asked Emergency Locksmith Questions

Do Locksmith Cut Keys?

A professional locksmith can easily and accurately cut keys for you. Although key cutting is a separate area of specialization and experience, skilled locksmiths can offer multiple services, including key cutting for garage door locks, back doors, front doors, front gate locks, and cabinet locks.

How Much Do Our Emergency Services Cost?

Emergency locksmith services may cost you a bit more than the regular charges because of the odd timings and urgency of the call. For example, hiring locksmiths becomes costlier when you call them late at night. While the hourly rate of locksmiths ranges between $50 and $100, an emergency locksmith may ask you around $100 to $150 for an emergency trip

Why some Emergency Locksmith Charges are high?

Emergency locksmiths are no doubt a bit pricey because they are helping you out in odd hours when a regular locksmith company won’t entertain your concerns. Not only that, they are expensive because:

  • They have to be vigilant
  • They have to available for quick response
  • They are skilled to manage any complex task
  • They manage time to reach your location in time
  • They have to cover other expenses such as tools, utilities, and vehicle maintenance

Does a Locksmith need the old key for Duplicates?

Yes! If your key is unfortunately lost or you need a duplicate one, you can call a locksmith to make a new key for you. Because locksmiths can make keys by hand just with the skill and the ability to re-design, they will just look at the lock and make a new key without the original key.