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House and office security is the key concern for people but they often lose or misplace the keys of their locks even if they take special care of them. This incident happens at a high rate which is why it is very tough for them to get the locks changed every time. Moreover, it also gets too costly to get the properly functioning locks replaced just because of a key. Locksmith Service Pro eases its clients in such kinds of stressful situations. 

Locksmith Service Pro offers excellent lock rekeying services to save you from the trouble of changing locks again and again. We redesign the inner mechanism of locks which eliminates the need for a new key. Hire us today if you have lost your existing keys so that we can assist you without letting you spend more money. In this way we save you time as well as money.

Lock Rekeying for your Homes & Family in Florida

People often call us for expensive lock replacements just because their house’s key is lost or they doubt that the old residents may still have a duplicate key. In such cases, we guide them about rekeying of locks and their benefits while providing affordable solutions that aren’t too heavy on your pocket with the safety and security that only Locksmith Service Pro provides.

Our Locksmith Services stand out with a personal interest in keeping you and your family safe at home while providing locks that help you stand out

Need Lock Rekeying Service for your Business? We Got You!

Whether you have your own commercial building or you have rented yourself a commercial property, it is imperative in both cases to often rekey your locks. Locksmith Service Pro provides excellent quality lock rekeying service for large scale as well as small scale commercial buildings. We secure your house by replacing the inner components such as springs and pins with new ones so that the old key won’t fit in it. So, hire Locksmith Service Pro to get the finest quality lock rekeying service near you. 

We offer the following commercial locksmith services for your property:

  • We ensure that the new key works perfectly with your locks.
  • We can rekey all types of locks
  • We provide the fastest lock rekeying service
  • Neither the door nor the lock will be damaged during the work. 

We offer replacements in the following types of locks:

  • We can rekey a large number of locks in a day.
  • Our technicians are highly professional.
  • The peace of your office won’t be disturbed during work.
  • We are available 24/7 to provide commercial lock rekeying service.

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